Our Products with Your Brand!

  • Maximum margins.  Our wholesale pricing is designed to help you achieve 100%+ profit on every sale at SRP.  Even “marked down” merchandise can be sold at a profit, ensuring that you never need to suffer from stale stock.
  • Low minimum purchase requirements. We offer “bite sized” minimums so you can get a taste for how our products perform in your location.  You can try our signs with very low risk, and we are confident that you’ll become a repeat customer.
  • Optional custom branding.  Signs can be created with your own logo, street address, phone number and website URL permanently printed on reverse side. Everywhere that a customer displays a sign serves both as a reminder to visit your store again, and helps with “word of mouth” advertising when the customer’s friends and family ask about the sign purchased from you. Our signs do not wear out.  They’ll last for many years, along with your calling card!
  • Seamless Integration. Our website is designed with wholesale capabilities built in.  Your purchasing manager does not need special forms, spreadsheets, or to fill out any extra paperwork.  Once your account is approved, you may shop directly from our retail catalog with wholesale pricing.*
  • Flavor and Spice. Our colorful, unique, and often humorous designs will add spice and “personality” to your physical shop.  You can select multiples of a single design, or multiple single designs.  There is no minimum “multiple” order.  The choice is yours!

* Wholesale pricing is available for selected products.  Please select from catalog items that display wholesale prices when you are logged in.  Please refer to your invitation package for any special URLs with product grouping preselected for your store type.

In order to maintain viable scalability while ensuring that our retail partners enjoy some exclusivity, wholesale accounts are currently by invitation only.  These will be rolled out according to our growth goals and capacity.  If you have received our wholesale invitation package, please create a customer account under your store name with your store’s shipping address, and fill in the form below for account activation.  Thank you!

If you are not a store owner or manager, but would like to promote our products on your own website only, please consider joining our Affiliate Program.  If you do not have a website with sufficient traffic, we do offer a free Dropship Program for use on platforms such as FB Marketplace, and will help guide you through the process to start making sales quickly. Cheers to your success!